"Wifi is a basic human right."

I'm the type of person who constantly is self reflecting on what really matter in this sphere of existence. I often think about what priorities here in first world cultures and how it differs from 3rd world.

I actually said the statement "Wifi should be a basic human right to the homie Richie @Deladeso out of my own frustration with not being able to stay "connected." 

After the  fact I realized I was complaining about something that reflects first world perspective. Doesn't mean it's right or wrong but definitely worth in hind sight has humbled me. I started to wonder what other countries basic human rights consist of or what they may think should be basic human rights.  

From my experience in Mexico, El Salvador and Cuba, I realized that their basic human rights sat on the end of values vs. tangible things.

They appreciate just living and breathing. They have nothing, yet everything and don't think twice about offering the little tangible things as signs of hospitality.

I highly respect this kind of existence and one word comes to mind when I about what I can learn, selflessness.



Los Angeles, CA

Havana, Cuba

Havana, Cuba